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Following on from a recent post by @GothNinja I paid a visit to Poetweet and this is one of the results! The first two verses went well but I think it probably shows that most of the stuff I do on twitter is quite odd!

Feel free to add your poetweets to the comments!

Of night

by Andy Lear

Result! What’s your speed?
Be able to tell it to be an xterm
Yup it is indeed!
Try set TERM=xterm

I am watching Battlestar Galactica
Well! Now that was painless!
I am watching Caprica
Blog entry following your progress!

How quickly the level drops!
Worth while asking the question…
Zzzzzzzzzzz sizzle oooops

Good luck! What’s happening?
Can’t get email on the phone:)
Enjoy the rest of your evening!


Here’s another!


How pathetic

by Andy Lear

Gave the author 2 jelly babies!
Problems with your droplets?
Thank you various gods and deities!

To say off the top of my head!
Awful biscuits so I ‘aint bothered!
Me do it this evening instead!;)

Me about it in the first place!

I am watching Battlestar Galactica